Brian Kemp Shows No Remorse for Failing to Protect Victim of Sexual Abuse

October 25, 2018

Kemp, Who Also Voted Against Funding for Rape Crisis Center, Again Shirks Responsibility for Failing to Protect Victims of Sexual Abuse

ATLANTA — Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia responded to Brian Kemp’s continued denial of responsibility for failing to protect women who were abused by massage therapists.

In a disturbing new report, The Cut wrote about a Georgia woman’s experience contacting Kemp’s office for help after she was sexually abused during a massage. “I was physically hurt and I was vulnerable and the Secretary of State, the licensure board, did not support me and did not protect me and still has not,” the victim said.

After the abuser, who served time, moved to Maryland, his license in that state was revoked. His Georgia license, granted by Brian Kemp’s office, was not revoked despite the conviction.

“Instead of blaming the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other media outlets for accurate reporting, Brian Kemp should take responsibility for failing to protect women who were victims of sexual assault,” said Democratic Party of Georgia spokesman Seth Bringman. “Georgia women filed dozens of complaints directly to Brian Kemp’s office and he did nothing. Sexual assault is something Brian Kemp clearly does not take seriously, which is likely the reason why he voted twice against funding for a rape crisis center. Georgia women cannot trust Brian Kemp to look out for anyone but himself.”

In a statement, a Kemp spokesperson falsely claimed yesterday that the media “does not look at Georgia law… in pursuit of a sensational headline” concerning his failure to act following sexual assault. The statement failed to express any sympathy for the victim.

As the AJC has repeatedly reported, the Professional Licensing Boards Division falls under the Secretary of State’s office. Further, sexual assault complaints are filed directly to the Secretary of State’s office. Attempts by Brian Kemp to hide his record from voters were rejected by Georgia television stations.


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