Brian Kemp Put Georgians’ Health At Risk to Help Developer Buddies

September 12, 2018

Kemp Sided With Big Developers to Allow Septic Tanks Near Drinking Water Sources

ATLANTA – On two occasions, Brian Kemp voted in favor of legislation to help big developers instead of Georgia families, setting the stage for a potential water crisis and jeopardizing the health of our kids. As a state legislator in 2004, Brian Kemp voted for SB 460, legislation which would have softened the state’s mandated 25-foot protective buffer on streams and allowed wealthy businessmen to develop in high-risk areas. Georgia Water Coalition, made up of 80-plus environmental groups, and scientists from UGA warned that this change to the law would have “significant consequences for Georgia’s water stream and water quality,” saying that, “the chances for widespread destruction of small stream is great, with significant consequences for downstream flooding, water supply, water quality, and fishery resources.”

In 2006, Kemp went even further with his reckless attack on the health of Georgia’s families, voting in favor of SB 510, which according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “would allow developers and other landowners outside metro Atlanta to install septic tanks” closer to our drinking water. Kemp was warned again by environmentalists that the bill “guts drinking water protections in favor of developmental interests.” Yet, unsurprisingly, Brian Kemp sided with developers, leaving communities in Georgia with the threat of filthy water.

“From voting to take inhalers away from children to supporting bills that would pollute the water supply, there is no limit to how low Brian Kemp is willing to go in putting Georgians’ health at risk,” said Georgia Democratic Party Spokesperson Seth Bringman. “Brian Kemp would rather let his friends poison our children’s water than stand up to wealthy developers, proving yet again that he cannot be trusted to be Governor of our state.”

Brian Kemp’s abysmal record on health care also includes opposing Medicaid expansion in Georgia, which would provide coverage to nearly 500,000 Georgians. He opposed guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions, and his health care plan consists of seven words.


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