Brian Kemp Losing Support Among Georgia GOP

October 5, 2021

Last week marked another rough patch for Brian Kemp, who continues to lose support among the Georgia GOP base as Republican infighting intensifies. Here’s the latest on Kemp’s re-election woes:

  • Kemp was censured by the Cobb County GOP. Cobb County’s Republican committee recently voted to censure Brian Kemp, with a GOP activist who helped write the censure resolution saying Kemp “weakens the entire Republican ticket, and that’s what Republicans need to be concerned about.” Cobb joins a dozen other GOP county committees in formally rebuking Kemp.
  • The Georgia GOP Chair refused to endorse Kemp. Georgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer penned a letter refusing to endorse Kemp, saying he would remain “neutral” in the incumbent Republican governor’s re-election bid. Shafer previously spoke at a Donald Trump rally in Georgia, which turned into a Kemp-bashing event.
  • Trump-endorsed candidates are not defending Kemp. The slate of Trump-endorsed candidates for statewide office in Georgia declined to defend the incumbent Republican governor following the former president’s harsh words for Kemp.

This comes on the heels of Donald Trump’s rally in Perry, Georgia, in which the former president excoriated Kemp, goading potential opponents into challenging him and suggesting a Democrat would do a better job of running the state.

“With more and more Georgians growing sick and tired of Brian Kemp’s failed leadership, it’s no wonder his own party is now turning against him,” Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Brian Kemp has been a disaster for Georgia, and this GOP infighting spells more trouble for the vulnerable governor’s rocky re-election bid.”


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