Brian Kemp Continues to Break with His Own Party, Throws Governor Nathan Deal Under the Bus

September 9, 2018

This past week, Brian Kemp slammed Governor Nathan Deal, a member of his own party, for his record on criminal justice reform. Deal signed Senate Bill 407 into law earlier this year, which included “cash bail” reform, allowing judges to avoid requiring poor nonviolent criminals to pay cash bail.

Deal said that the legislation would “make Georgia a safer place to call home for all of its citizens by recognizing that mercy and accountability are not mutually exclusive.”

Kemp, who remains at the far right of the Republican Party, disagreed with this common-sense legislation, saying in a press release that it would “flood the streets with criminals”.

This is not the first time that Brian Kemp and Nathan Deal have failed to see eye-to-eye, with Deal throwing his support behind Kemp’s opponent instead of Kemp during the Republican runoff. Deal worried about the direction Kemp would take Georgia, saying, “My concern is, let’s not undo, or transform in a negative fashion, the good reforms that we’ve put in place.”

When confronted with his long history of failing to do his job as Secretary of State, thereby putting women across the state of Georgia at risk, Kemp has repeatedly tried to blame none other than Governor Deal. As Secretary of State, Kemp was responsible for overseeing professional licenses, including those of massage therapists, but instead of regulating them, his office ignored 96% of sexual assault complaints over three years and allowed known abusers to keep their licenses.

“The contrast between Brian Kemp and Governor Nathan Deal could not be more stark,” said Democratic Party of Georgia spokesman Seth Bringman. “As Kemp pushes his fringe agenda and tacks to the far right, he gets further every day from representing the views of the people of Georgia, and further from the policies of mainstream republicans like Nathan Deal.”

Governor Nathan Deal and Brian Kemp may be from the same party, but they are worlds apart.


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