BREAKING: Brian Kemp’s dangerous healthcare plan violates federal law and cannot be lawfully approved

January 29, 2020

 ATLANTA -This morning, the AJC shared a new devastating report from the Brookings Institute, revealing that Brian Kemp’s extreme healthcare “plan” undermines the Affordable Care Act and could not be lawfully approved, putting Georgia families and those with pre-existing conditions at risk. The report delivers a scathing review of the Kemp administration’s many mistakes in the plan’s construction, and raises serious concerns over how it fails Georgians in need, pointing out that Kemp’s proposal includes “errors both obvious and subtle” that will cause “concrete and particularized injury” for Georgians seeking coverage. 

Brookings revealed disastrous consequences for Georgians’ health care as a result of Kemp’s reckless plan, including greater out-of-pocket costs, potential declines in health care enrollment, and forcing Georgians on to a new “waitlist” system that denies coverage to those in need. 

That’s not all – in the midst of Kemp’s draconian budget cuts, the Brookings report reveals that the Kemp administration has made “clear objective errors that hide a deficit of around $200 million per year.”  

“Brian Kemp has had every opportunity to fully expand Medicaid and bring quality affordable healthcare to more Georgians, but instead pushed forward his own likely illegal  healthcare proposal that puts Georgia families at risk,” said Nikema Williams, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia  “This report reveals once and for all that Kemp’s proposal is a cruel, ill-thought-out substitute for what full Medicaid expansion would do for our state, and will raise our health care costs, waste our tax dollars, and put Georgians with pre-existing conditions at risk.” 

Read the full report on Kemp’s inadequate healthcare “plan” here


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