Blue for Barack!

September 12, 2012

The time has come.If you’re ready to stand with the President and other loyal Georgia Democrats in November’s elections, can you sign your name to our petition Blue for Barack?
Our fight to take back the state requires hard work and sacrifice. We need to finish the job that we started four years ago when President Obama received more than 47% of Georgia’s vote.
The race is even closer this time. The other side will have more money and the support of wealthy special interest groups that will try to buy this election. We have more passion and the support of Georgians like you.

In 2008, President Obama was less than 205,000 votes from carrying this state.  We only needed half of those plus one to win. Since 2008, the demographics in Georgia have moved in our favor, and in the past year and a half alone we have registered and re-engaged over 100,000 voters.

This is our time and this can be our moment!

Our side relies on people, like you and me, to step up and move our country forward.Let’s recapture the enthusiasm. We simply can’t afford to wait another day.

Please sign this petition, “Blue for Barack” and let’s aim for several hundred thousand signatures between now and Election Day.

Take a stand. Say you’re with us.

Mike Berlon
Democratic Party of Georgia

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