Black v. Walker Primary Feud Festers as Republican Frustrations Grow in #GASEN

October 26, 2021

Georgia Republicans continue to express frustrations with Herschel Walker’s “heavy on Fox News spots and curated closed-door campaign,” while Gary Black takes aim at Walker’s past comments on immigration and his absentee approach to the campaign trail. Here’s the latest from the GOP #GASEN primary:

  • Black going after Walker on immigration. Gary Black’s campaign is ramping up criticism of Herschel Walker’s position on immigration, calling Walker’s past stance on the issue a “disaster for America,” and paying to amplify criticism of Walker’s position on airwaves across the state. As seen and heard on Savannah’s WJCL 22: “A U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia is firing shots at his opponent. Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black shared an ad…targeting Herschel Walker. It said, in part, ‘Walker…supports amnesty and citizenship for illegals.’”


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