October 31, 2016

Release:  Monday, October 31, 2016                                                                        

Atlanta, GA – Today, it was reported that a Republican candidate for Georgia’s State House has a well-documented history of peddling “birther” propaganda on social media. Republican Meagan Hanson—vying for the seat in House District 80—has frequently tweeted about President Barack Obama’s race and religion.

The Georgia GOP has an extensive, sordid history with the “birther” movement. Several vulnerable Republicans in the legislature signed on to 2011’s HB 401, also known as the “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act.” The legislation would have required presidential candidates to provide their long-form birth certificate in order to appear on Georgia’s ballot. As voters head to the polls to reject the chief agitator of the birther movement, Donald Trump, they must also consider the electoral fate of his foot soldiers:

Valerie Clark (HD 101)

Gerald Greene (HD 151)

Mike Cheokas (HD 138)

Rich Golick (HD 40)

Ed Setzler (HD 35)

Rick Jasperse (HD 11)

Greg Morris (HD 156)

Tom Taylor (HD 79)

Darlene Taylor (HD 173)

This afternoon, Georgia Democrats condemned Republican candidates for their allegiance to the racist “birther” movement popularized by Donald Trump and demand they be held accountable for their rhetoric and record.

“Republicans have been twisting themselves in to knots trying to justify their support for one of the most racist presidential candidates in recent history. Donald Trump has refused to apologize for fanning the flames of the birther movement, but Georgia Republicans are no better in their unwillingness to apologize for slandering the nation’s first African-American president. Anything less than fully disavowing their legislative allegiance to birtherism and renouncing Donald Trump’s candidacy renders them unfit for office, and voters should and will hold them accountable at the polls.” – Michael Smith, Communications Director


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