Berlon to Olens, Williams: “Which Senators Were Involved?”

September 22, 2011

Georgia – Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon called on Georgia Senate Pro Tempore Tommie Williams and Attorney General Sam Olens to release the details of a secret $80,000 payment used to settle a racial discrimination complaint.

The payment and subsequent cover-up by Williams runs contrary to his goal to “bring more sunlight and transparency to how the public’s tax dollars are being spent.” Instead, Williams has dodged reporters and hidden in his office.

“We ask Senator Williams to tell Georgia what the allegations are, which senators were involved, and why $80,000 in taxpayer funds are being paid in secret,” said Berlon. “We will formally ask Attorney General Olens about his involvement in this situation and for a legal opinion on whether any laws were broken.”

“Government should be open to all; no back-room deals, no more secrecy. The senators involved in this should be censured and disciplined by the Senate. In addition, the people of Georgia have the right to know the facts regarding the expenditures of funds,” concluded Berlon.

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