Battleground Georgia: As Presidential Candidates Debate In Atlanta, Georgia Democrats Are Ready To Win

November 20, 2019

ATLANTA – Today, as MSNBC, the Washington Post, and Radio One host the fifth Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta, Georgia, one thing is clear: the road to the White House is paved through Georgia. 

Democratic Party of Georgia Chairwoman Nikema Williams released the following statement: 

“Tonight’s debate in Atlanta represents years of hard work by Georgia Democratic leaders, organizers, and voters who have hustled to make Georgia a true battleground state. Georgia represents the present and future of our party and of our nation: a diverse, rapidly expanding electorate that is hungry for change. As presidential candidates step on stage tonight to address our voters and our issues, Georgia Democrats will keep working to earn every vote and protect every voter, and we will take our nominee and our Democratic candidates across Georgia to victory.” 

Over the past few campaign cycles, Georgia Democrats have made serious gains:  flipping the 6th Congressional District, gaining 16 seats in the state legislature, and turning out record numbers of voters with Stacey Abrams in the governor’s race, resulting in the closest statewide election in history. 

Today, Georgia’s electorate is growing fast and becoming more and more diverse: of the 300,000 new voter registrations in Georgia in the last 10 months, nearly half are from people of color, and 45% are from young people. Georgia Democrats have not taken an off year, and have spent 2019 working to connect with these voters across the state, and ensure that they will turn out for Democrats in 2020: 

  • Early investment in field: Through the DNC’s investment in Organizing Corps 2020 in Georgia, the DPG had 30 trained, Georgia grown field organizers this summer working to organize their communities a full year ahead of Election Day. 
  • Continuing to protect the vote: The Democratic Party of Georgia was the first state party in the nation to hire a full time voter protection director, and has made significant investments to expand the voter protection program to have a presence in all 159 counties. 
  • Strong investment down ballot: Earlier this year, the Democratic Party of Georgia launched the Legislative Victory Fund, a program exclusively focused on recruiting and supporting strong state legislative candidates to help flip the State House and grow the Democratic caucus in the Senate. 

With two Senate seats, 16 electoral votes, the competitive 6th and 7th Congressional districts, and a host of state and local elections on the ballot, there has never been more at stake in Georgia elections – and Georgia Democrats are ready to win. 


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