Attorney General Chris Carr Admits He Only Does His Job for Personal Political Gain

April 19, 2024

Tuesday, Governor Brian Kemp sternly implored Republicans to “do their damn job” in a tweet referencing U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s semi-annual quest to oust the Speaker of the House. It’s clear Governor Kemp’s advice was not intended for Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, who last Friday announced his office is refusing to investigate any wrongdoing with Kemp’s haphazard $1.1 billion cash card scheme abruptly executed weeks before his 2022 re-election.

In a media appearance on Tuesday, Carr detailed his refusal to prosecute Donald Trump’s election interference in 2020 before eagerly revealing that he joined a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s executive order to cancel student debt for 30 million Americans. To review: 

  • Investigating the governor’s office for illegally rushing approval of a $1.1 billion program to win an election? Not Georgia Attorney General Carr’s job. 
  • Prosecuting Donald Trump’s very illegal effort to “find 11,780 votes” and flip the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election? Not Georgia Attorney General Carr’s job. 
  • Making life harder for 30 million Americans and over 120,000 Georgians struggling to pay their student loans — and holding back Georgia’s economy for his personal political gain? According to Georgia Attorney General Carr, that’s very much his job.

Georgia Senator Elena Parent and Senator Nan Orrock took notice of Carr’s politically-motivated approach to his job duties, and issued the following statement:

An attorney general, elected to enforce our laws, should never abandon their duties for their own personal political gain. Georgians need to know if Governor Kemp broke the law to use $1.1 billion taxpayer dollars as an illegal in-kind contribution to his campaign a month before Election Day, which warrants further investigation. Georgians also need to know why that assistance program was handled so poorly and if that reason was the administration’s rush to implement it before the election.


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