As Senate Holds Voting Rights Hearing in Georgia, Entire GOP Senate Field Ignores Will of Georgia Voters & Embraces Sham Audit

July 19, 2021

Today, the U.S. Senate Rules Committee held its first field hearing in twenty years to address Republican voter suppression efforts in Georgia, and the current and potential GOP Senate field have already made it clear they will put politics over the people of Georgia. Herschel Walker, Kelly Loeffler, and the entire GOP Senate field have come out in support of ignoring the will of Georgia’s voters — echoing Donald Trump’s calls to “audit” the thrice-confirmed 2020 election and spreading misinformation to justify the GOP’s SB 202 legislation, which deliberately makes it harder for certain Georgians to vote.

Georgia Republicans center campaigns on false claims of election fraud

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7/14/21

  • The leading candidates competing to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock have raised questions about the election results and echoed the phony narrative of widespread voting fraud in Georgia.
  • The evidence is clear. Three separate tallies of the roughly 5 million ballots upheld Biden’s narrow victory, court challenges by Trump allies were squashed, and state and federal election officials have vouched for the results. An audit of absentee ballot signatures in Cobb County found no cases of fraud. … But Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of a “rigged” election have seeped deeply into the Georgia GOP and left his critics marginalized.
  • The false narrative looms large in the Senate race, too. Herschel Walker…inching toward a run…has repeated Trump’s claims that the results were fraudulent, and he has shared other conspiracy theories about the vote on social media.
  • Several of his potential rivals have also keyed on the issue, making it a standard on the campaign trail. Latham Saddler…questioned whether voters could trust the results despite no evidence. “When you look back at the election, there is so much fog around the issue. It’s hard to say if Biden really received about 81 million votes,” Saddler said in an interview. “I don’t think anyone really knows, but you had people from both sides who lacked confidence.”
  • Expressing similar thoughts was Gary Black, the state agriculture commissioner and so far the highest-profile Republican in the Senate race. “I’ll tell you what, (Biden) was sworn in,” Black said. “There have been questions here in Georgia. I can’t speak to any other state, but what happened in Georgia was a mess. We’ve taken steps to correct that, and I’m going to fight to make sure we have trust in the system.”

“Herschel Walker, Kelly Loeffler, and the entire GOP Senate field are more focused on subverting the will of Georgia’s voters than advocating for the issues that working Georgians care about most — recovering from this pandemic, securing high-quality, affordable healthcare for our families, and bringing good-paying jobs to our communities,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. 

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