As SCOTUS Hears Student Debt Case, More Than a Million Georgians Eligible for Relief Held Up by GOP

February 28, 2023

Georgians could be benefiting from relief right now were it not for cases brought by Republican elected officials and special interests

As the Supreme Court hears arguments today in lawsuits brought by Republicans to block student debt relief, it’s worth remembering that more than one million Georgians either applied for or were automatically deemed eligible for student debt loan relief under the Biden-Harris Administration’s relief plan. Ellie Schwartz, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement on these numbers:

“Today, thanks to Republicans, urgently-needed student loan relief for more than a million Georgians hangs in the balance at the Supreme Court. The Biden-Harris Administration’s student debt relief plan tackles the student debt crisis head-on, opening the door for millions – particularly low-income borrowers and students of color – to earn their way into the middle class and build a better future. This program could and should be benefiting more than one million Georgians right now were it not for Republicans standing in the way.” 


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