As Republicans Stall Relief in Congress, Collins Claims Protecting Big Business “The Best Thing We Could Do”

September 25, 2020

Republicans fail to deliver on critical relief as Collins remains fixated on bailing out his big business allies

ATLANTA — At a recent Georgia Chamber of Commerce virtual fly-in, Congressman Doug Collins claimed that even as Senate Republicans have yet to pass meaningful bipartisan coronavirus relief, “the best thing we could do right now” is to instead protect his big business allies that recklessly place workers into unsafe conditions.

Rather than support restoring expired federal emergency unemployment relief or listen to his own allies like House Speaker David Ralston who’ve been desperately pleading for aid to state and local governments, Collins continues to ignore working Georgians’ needs in this crisis.

Instead, Collins backed calls to “cut back” on expanded unemployment relief “or do away with it altogether.” And he previously voted against a relief package in the House rather than fighting to provide needed aid for Georgia.

“Once again, Congressman Doug Collins puts big business ahead of Georgia families struggling to pay the bills or keep a roof over their heads,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of pushing for emergency unemployment relief or aid for state governments like his Georgia Republican allies have begged for, Collins remains focused on helping his deep-pocketed pals rather than working Georgians.”


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