As Pence Campaigns In Atlanta, Georgia Democrats Highlight Trump Administration’s Economic Failures

May 29, 2020

Today, as Mike Pence joins Brian Kemp for a campaign stop on Kemp’s failed reopening of the state, Georgia Democrats are speaking out about how both Trump and Kemp’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis has hurt small businesses and our economy. 

Georgia currently leads the country in unemployment just as the United States has hit a total of over 40 million Americans filing for unemployment since the coronavirus crisis began. Small businesses have struggled to recover, as the Trump administration’s failed implementation of the Paycheck Protection Program meant that millions of small businesses were left waiting for needed federal aid while wealthy corporations got access to over $1 billion in funds meant for small business relief. 

“Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Brian Kemp had the chance to prepare our economy for the impact of this pandemic, but instead they downplayed the threat and ignored experts at the expense of workers and small business owners,” said Democratic Party of Chairwoman Nikema Williams. “Hundreds of thousands of Georgians have lost their jobs and are bracing for worse, but our leaders are more focused on their political agenda than getting us economic relief.”  

“Communities and small businesses across our state are struggling from the financial impact of COVID-19, but Donald Trump and Brian Kemp’s fumbled mishandling of this crisis has only made this storm harder to weather,” said Wendy Davis, Georgia DNC member from Rome Georgia. “We know that small businesses fuel our economy and make our cities stronger, but at every turn this administration has put the wealthy and well-connected over everyday Georgians, while refusing to allow local communities to act in their best interest.” 

“Small businesses like mine need clear guidance and real assistance in order for us to reopen safely, but this administration has only made our choices harder,” said Jeanette Flores-Katz, a small business owner in Atlanta. “My employees depend on me for their livelihoods, but I don’t have the support I need to protect my business and keep my customers safe.”


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