As Masters Tournament Begins, Brian Kemp Tries to Hide Anti-Business, Anti-Women Agenda from Public Eye

April 11, 2019

AUGUSTA – Today, as competitive rounds for The Masters begin and the world’s eyes turn to Augusta, Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans are once again attempting to hide their backwards policy agenda from the world.

House Bill 481, which would effectively ban abortion in Georgia and is opposed by Georgia doctors, Georgia businesses, and Georgia women, is currently sitting on Kemp’s desk – conveniently on hold until after the tournament.

Democratic Party of Georgia chairwoman Nikema Williams released the following statement:

“As Augusta welcomes players, fans, and corporate sponsors from around the world this weekend, our governor is ready to sign an abortion ban that threatens women’s rights to bodily autonomy and will push businesses to leave Georgia. But after spending his whole campaign and an entire General Assembly session advocating for extreme bills that threaten our state’s economy, as soon as Georgia is in the public eye, now this rhetoric is nowhere to be seen.

“Brian Kemp can’t spend three months rolling back our freedoms, only to rub elbows with business leaders the next week – there are consequences to his actions. Georgia women, doctors, and workers will pay for HB 481 in jobs moved out of state, in rural communities that will lose medical care, and in the lives of Georgia women.

“Georgia Democrats know that backwards legislation like the abortion ban will affect us all – we won’t stop fighting for the rights of Georgia women, even as Brian Kemp would rather pretend they don’t exist.”


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