As Bipartisan Support for COVID Relief Grows and Georgians Demand Help, Republicans Continue to Play Partisan Politics

February 25, 2021

As Georgia Republicans continue to play partisan politics in opposing the Biden-Harris administration’s American Rescue Plan, new polls show that the COVID-19 relief package is more popular than ever among voters across party lines. Though Georgia’s Democratic House delegation remains committed to delivering the much-needed relief to struggling Georgians, Republican House members are set on joining their GOP colleagues in obstructing it.

Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support the Biden-Harris administration’s COVID relief plan, with 76% saying they back the stimulus package – including 7 in 10 independents and more than half of Republicans. 

However, Georgia Republicans continue to ignore their constituents in favor of political gamesmanship, amounting “to a political risk for Republicans with polls showing clear majorities of Americans supporting an emergency rescue package and with the economy still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.”

Will Georgia Republicans join Democrats in delivering crucial relief for struggling families, or will they continue to put partisan politics over their constituents?


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