Another Rocky Week For Herschel Walker’s “Closed Door” Campaign

January 31, 2022

The missteps continued this week for Herschel Walker with new reporting showing Walker mocked businesses that took long-awaited federal COVID relief while profiting from it himself, blistering criticism after claiming it’s “unfair” to ask him “what he’d vote for” as a U.S. Senator, and a barrage of attacks from his GOP Senate opponents.

Walker’s weekly missteps are the latest in a long line of headaches that have left Republicans increasingly nervous that the Trump-tapped candidate’s closed-door, consultant-driven campaign will “crash and burn.”

Read more about Walker’s (latest) bad week below:

  • “HERSCHEL WALKER MOCKED BUSINESSES THAT TOOK PPP MONEY, EVEN THOUGH HE USED IT HIMSELF.” Walker hypocritically mocked large businesses that relied on the Paycheck Protection Program while he collected checks from a company that took nearly $10 million in PPP and simultaneously laid off 90% of its workers.


  • Last week, 11Alive reported that Walker pocketed nearly a quarter of a million dollars as a board member for a company that accepted nearly $10 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans — meant to help keep employees on payroll — and then announced it would fire 90% of their employees the very next day.
  • This comes after Walker claimed that big companies should be “embarrassed” and “ashamed” for getting caught taking advantage of the government funding — all while he continued to profit.
  • Walker was widely panned for saying it was “unfair” to ask him what he would vote for as Senator.
    • When asked if he would have voted for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Walker responded, “You got to be an Alabama fan because you asked that question there. Until I see all the facts, you can’t answer the question. It’s totally unfair to ask someone like myself, ‘What are you going vote for?’”

  • Gary Black continues to slam Walker over his failure to answer simple questions on the campaign trail, calling Walker a “wind-up toy” with no direction as a candidate. Black fired off at Walker after his Daily Caller flub, saying that answering questions is in fact “exactly what a U.S. Senate candidate should be doing — not hiding from interviews or giving paid speeches.” Black also attacked Walker’s “strategy of hiding” after his disastrous interview with the Daily Caller


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