“All-Out Republican Feud” Ramps Up as Georgia GOP Prepares for “Ugly Face-Off in 2020”

January 30, 2020

Collins and Loeffler kick off an expensive and bitter fight as Republicans now admit Georgia is in play

ATLANTA — Coverage of Georgia’s “brutal Republican-on-Republican fight” continues as “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler and ultraconservative Congressman Doug Collins gear up for a multimillion-dollar slugfest as part of “a Republican Party rift that is poised to put Georgia in play for Democrats.” Now, out-of-state Republican groups are planning a $3 million ad biltz of the state while Loeffler gets ready to empty $20 million of her fortune into the race to prop up her flailing candidacy — all while each candidate is forced to ignore critical independent voters to appeal to a narrow right-wing base.

With Washington Republicans trying desperately to defend a vulnerable Loeffler by slamming Collins’ campaign as “selfish” and “shortsighted” while the state GOP splits between the two candidates, it’s becoming clear that Georgia is more in play than ever this November.

From the AJC front page this morning:

See what they’re saying about Republicans’ Senate brawl:


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