All Eyes on Walker’s Lies: Herschel Walker’s Lies, Scandals, and Bizarre Statements on Full Display

August 29, 2022

Herschel Walker continues to come under intense scrutiny as Georgians read and hear all about the lies, scandals, and bizarre statements that have become a feature of his campaign. Report after report after report has highlighted Walker’s falsehoods about his academic record, business record, and involvement in law enforcement. His involvement in two for-profit programs has also come under scrutiny due to their intentional targeting of veterans and service members. All the while, Walker has continued adding to a long list of bizarre statements that prove he is not ready to represent the people of Georgia in the U.S. Senate. 

Read more about Walker’s many lies and scams below: 

Washington Post: As Herschel Walker’s GOP profile rises, the falsehoods mount

Timothy Bella, 6/14/22

The Daily Beast: Herschel Walker Claims to Own Companies That Don’t Exist

Roger Sollenberger, 4/13/22

The American Independent: Herschel Walker in paid partnership with marketing company accused of preying on veterans

Josh Israel, 8/16/22

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Herschel Walker said he worked in law enforcement — he didn’t

Shannon McCaffrey, 6/13/22

CNN: GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been overstating his academic achievements for years 

Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck, 4/1/22

Associated Press: Herschel Walker’s ties to veterans program face scrutiny

Brian Slodysko, 5/21/22

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Herschel Walker spent years promoting health products with dubious claims

Dylan Jackson, 4/28/22

Business Insider: Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker failed for months to report millions in earnings

Madison Hall, 5/19/22

Washington Post: Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker promoted a ‘mist’ that he claimed would ‘kill any covid on your body’

Felicia Somnez, 1/12/22

Newsweek: Herschel Walker Denies Trump Ever Said Election Was ‘Stolen’

Andrew Stanton, 5/24/22

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Herschel Walker’s business record reveals creditor lawsuits, exaggerated claims
Dylan Jackson and Greg Bluestein, 3/11/22

The New York Times: The Strange Tale of Herschel Walker and the Chicken Empire That Wasn’t

Blake Hounshell, 6/14/22

11Alive: Herschel Walker mocked businesses that took PPP money, even though he used it himself: report

Doug Richards, 1/27/22

MSNBC: The Last Thing: Herschel Walker’s Lies 

Stephanie Ruhle, 6/15/22


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