AJC: Perdue Is “Proud” of His Years of Work Outsourcing Jobs As China Connections Come “Under The Microscope”

December 18, 2020

Perdue spent years outsourcing American jobs to foreign factories, “especially in Asia”

ATLANTA — Today, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution put Senator David Perdue “under the microscope for his own connections to China” leading Dollar General’s “aggressive expansion into China” and using Hong Kong as “a base to build an Asian operation,” a campaign spokesman touted that Perdue was “proud” of his years spent in China outsourcing jobs.

While “fearmongering” about China has been a “central theme” of Perdue’s campaign, a HuffPost report revealed that Perdue’s new biographical video is “nearly identical” to the one from 2014 except he deleted mention of his years of experience in Asia, even removing a picture of him and his wife at the Great Wall of China.

“Perdue is so out of touch with hardworking Georgians that his campaign brags about his toxic record of outsourcing jobs for corporations during his years in Hong Kong while Georgians are out of work amid a pandemic,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “While Perdue may be proud of his years sending American jobs overseas, Georgians certainly aren’t proud of Perdue.”

AJC: David Perdue And The China Connection

  • “U.S. Sen. David Perdue’s latest digital ad claims Democrat Jon Ossoff is “China bought.” The opening female narrator – U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee – accuses him of working for a “Chinese Communist government-owned company.” Which is not true.
  • “Another voice – Dana Perino of Fox News – quickly theorizes that Ossoff is susceptible to Chinese subterfuge — as a photo of U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Cal., was displayed.”
  • “Perdue went even further on Monday. During a personal appearance on Fox News, the senator said that he is running “against a guy who worked directly for the Chinese Communist Party in China.” Again, this is a falsehood. You can find the actual facts here.
  • “We have had a sitting U.S. senator falsely accuse people of having communist ties before. It did not end well for the senator, or the country.”
  • The Perdue ad, released Thursday, comes days after The Huffington Post reported that Perdue’s new biographical campaign spot looks just like the 2014 version — except that Perdue has erased the two years he worked in Hong Kong for Sara Lee. Also gone from the new bio video — a photo of him and his wife Bonnie on the Great Wall of China.”
  • “Perdue and his allies have tried to tar Ossoff over his ties to China throughout the campaign, and the attacks have only intensified in the runup to the Jan. 5 runoff to decide control of the U.S. Senate.”
  • But Perdue could come under the microscope for his own connections to China. When he was chief executive of the Dollar General chain, he led the chain store’s aggressive expansion into China. And while working at Sara Lee, he used Hong Kong as a base to build an Asian operation from the “ground up.”
  • “The Chinese provinces of Guangdong and Guangzhou, important labor pools, border Hong Kong. Anyone who was doing business in mainland China in the early 1990s, just as today, was doing business with someone who had connections to the Chinese Communist Party. Just like today.”
  • “His spokesman John Burke said he’s “always been proud to talk about those achievements” — while claiming Ossoff has tried to conceal his ties to China.”
  • “Ossoff spokeswoman Miryam Lipper referred to Perdue’s efforts as “one of the most laughable smear campaigns in Georgia history.”
  • ““It’s embarrassing how wildly desperate David Perdue looks as he tries to lie himself out of this losing campaign, especially when he is the one with deep ties to China,” she said.”


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