Ahead of Social Security Anniversary, Georgia Democrats Call Out GOP for Extreme Agenda to Cut Seniors’ Benefits

August 12, 2022

Today, Georgia Democrats called out Republicans for pushing an extreme agenda to cut seniors’ hard-earned Social Security benefits if they take control in Washington. All eight of Georgia’s GOP House members are a part of the Republican Study Committee, which endorsed plans to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.

“It goes without saying that Social Security has, for each of those eighty-seven years, provided seniors in Georgia and across the country with a sense of security and safety they just didn’t have before. But behind the scenes in D.C., Social Security is under attack by the Republican Party. And most folks in Georgia don’t even know it. Republicans in the U.S. House, including all eight Georgia Republicans, have proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare,” said State Representative Debra Bazemore. “Georgians already know how critical, absolutely critical, Social Security and Medicare are to them and their families. They know that when they pay into Social Security each month, that investment will one day support them – unless ultra-MAGA Republicans in Washington get their way. So we’re speaking out. We’re here today to call out the GOP’s attacks on Social Security. And we’re calling on them to put an end to this extreme agenda that hurts Georgians.”

“When we talk about the good government can do, Social Security is a shining example. It ensures people in our communities can retire with dignity, and feel secure in their health and wellbeing. But right now, Social Security is under attack from the Georgia GOP,” said Gloria Jenkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Senior Caucus. “Georgia Republicans are showing us what they value: allegiance to their ultra-MAGA agenda, and their deep-pocketed special interest donors. If they valued seniors, they’d work to protect the benefits we’ve earned and the programs we rely on, not chip away at them.”


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