Ahead of Pence Visit, Georgia Democrats Shed Light on Trump’s Failed COVID-19 Response and its Devastating Impact on Georgians

May 22, 2020

Ahead of Mike Pence and Brian Kemp’s scheduled photo opp in Georgia today, Georgia Democrats are holding the Trump administration accountable for their chaotic, failed coronavirus response that has the United States leading the world in confirmed cases and deaths, and unprecedented job losses in-state and across the country. 

Donald Trump and Brian Kemp’s failed leadership on this crisis has led to COVID-19 taking a heavy toll on Georgians across the state, with over 41,000 confirmed cases. Georgia now leads the country in unemployment, and Brian Kemp has continued to refuse to expand Medicaid and make health care affordable even as he recklessly reopened the state against “the warnings of many public health officials.” At the same time, Donald Trump has doubled down on his plan to “terminate health care,” and continues to contradict and muzzle his own public health experts.

“Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Brian Kemp had the opportunity to help save lives and save jobs — but instead, they played politics, and at every turn have contradicted public health experts, and put big corporations ahead of our working families,” said Nikema Williams, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia. These men and their allies in Congress are full of nothing but lies and broken promises, and this crisis has been made so much worse for Georgians because they are in power.”

“Georgians know who is most vulnerable to Mike Pence and Brian Kemp’s games — it’s the working people across America, particularly black people, who have suffered while these men are putting their corporate buddies first,” said Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04). “House Democrats haven’t stopped fighting for the American people, and we need Senate Republicans to join us in passing the HEROES Act and getting aid to our essential workers at the front lines.”

“No one knows the true impact of this crisis like my community in Southwest Georgia. Albany was one of the earliest American hotspots for COVID-19, and because of the federal and state government’s delayed response, our city suffered miserably and needlessly,” said State Representative CaMia Hopson (HD-153). “For the last decade, Republicans’ attacks on health care has left rural Georgians vulnerable to a crisis like this one, and now we are paying the price.” 

“This administration has had opportunities again and again to let public health experts take the lead, and minimize this virus’ impact on our country, but instead, they have gone against expert advice regardless of the painful outcomes for Georgians,” said State Representative Shelly Hutchinson (HD-107). “This November, our values and our lives are on the line – and from the State House to the White House, Georgians will turn out in record numbers to stand against Donald Trump and put real leadership in charge again.”


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