After Walker’s “Rocky Rollout,” Infighting Front and Center in #GASEN Primary

September 7, 2021

With Walker’s “rocky rollout” unsettling Georgia Republicans, fellow GOP Senate candidates and activists used the opening to take aim at Trump’s hand-picked politician. Here’s the latest:

  • Walker’s “rocky rollout” and “empty campaign calendar” are “unsettling some party activists” while many Georgia Republicans are “growing impatient.” As the Washington Examiner reports, Walker has held “no public events, nor has Walker granted media access to local Georgia press, although he has spoken with Fox News, Fox radio and, over Labor Day weekend, Fox Sports, for a total of five interviews.” 
  • Conservatives in Georgia aren’t happy with Walker’s “beneath the radar” campaign. Since announcing his Senate bid two weeks ago, Walker has done “a whole lot of nothing.” He’s “said little” about his policy positions publicly, “declined to comment” on the U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion that each of his GOP rivals praised, and “skipped a major GOP gathering in Middle Georgia” that Gov. Brian Kemp and all three of Walker’s U.S. Senate rivals attended. His first and only event in Georgia? A closed-door fundraiser with a handful of high-dollar conservative donors. As CNN notes, Walker’s early campaign strategy to get through the primary is to “stay out of sight and severely limit his exposure to voters and the media” in order to limit mistakes — but the absentee approach is already frustrating Republicans. “I don’t know a lot about him,” said Julie Woods Hill, an Alpharetta activist at the GOP Fish Fry Walker no-showed. “There’s a lot of uncertainty still. Obviously, he’s not here and I just don’t know where he stands on the issues.”


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