After McConnell Meeting, Loeffler Promises to Also Enable White House Cover-Up

December 16, 2019

In Tweet Friday, Loeffler Made Clear She’s Standing with McConnell’s Vow: “No Difference Between the President’s Position and Our Position”

ATLANTA — One day after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed there will be “no difference” between the White House and Senate Republicans, “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler echoed the party line in a tweet that shows she will also enable a cover-up instead of providing for a fair hearing of the facts. 

Loeffler’s tweet followed a meeting with McConnell in Washington, a trip she made to meet with special interests before taking questions from the Georgia press corps.

During a live interview last week on Fox News, McConnell admitted that he would “take my cues from the president’s lawyers,” in addition to his announcement that there will be “no difference” when it comes to the White House and the Republican Senate on impeachment — committing his party to a cover-up and a flagrant disregard for the rule of law

Loeffler is already taking heat after refusing to answer questions from the Georgia press corps or meet with Georgia voters. But now, after she “faced little vetting” before buying herself a temporary appointment to the Senate, Loeffler is showing she’s willing to side with Washington Republicans like McConnell to cover-up the president’s abuse of power, abandoning any pretense of a fair and bipartisan hearing of evidence in the Senate.

Watch McConnell commit Senate Republicans to a cover-up:

“As she tries to buy herself a Senate seat, Kelly Loeffler has shown she’d rather stand with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on a cover-up of the president’s abuse of power than support a fair and open hearing of evidence in the Senate,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgia voters deserve a senator who will put the rule of law first, not Washington partisan politics.”


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