After Kemp’s Failed Leadership On COVID-19, Georgia’s Budget To Cut Billions From Education, Public Health

June 18, 2020

This week as legislators struggle with $2.6 billion dollars in budget cuts thanks to Brian Kemp’s failed management of the coronavirus crisis, the latest analysis reveals that the proposal includes “deep cuts that touch nearly every service and program Georgians rely on,” including over a billion dollars cut from public education and millions of dollars in cuts for health care services including county health departments. 

“Instead of taking common sense steps to raise revenue and protect essential services for Georgians, Georgia Republicans are cutting health care and our public schools during a global pandemic,” said Maggie Chambers, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Coronavirus is already devastating Georgians across the state — but the Republican budget will make it even harder to recover for years to come.” 

The austere budget passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee cuts state agencies as much as 11%, and many state employees now face furlough days, layoffs, and hiring freezes — including teachers and even the public health employees working on Georgia’s coronavirus response. 

Now, the Senate budget cuts over 1 billion dollars from Georgia’s public schools, severely reducing state funding and putting Georgia back into the education funding crisis we just recovered from. But while public schools brace for the worst, private schools will still receive $100 million dollars in taxpayer money – with no cuts

Republicans’ extreme budget cuts are endangering Georgia’s future. 


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