After failing to oversee a critical boost to Georgia’s economy, Kemp is now trying to pull the plug on the state’s film industry

January 8, 2020

Just days before the 2020 legislative session, Governor* Brian Kemp and Republican legislators once again let Georgians down by threatening to gut the immensely popular film tax credit, which has boosted Georgia’s economy, brought hundreds of businesses to the state, and was responsible for over 90,000 jobs in 2018. Kemp’s comments come within days of an AJC report that his own administration failed to properly audit the tax credit program, costing Georgia taxpayers millions.

Now, instead of doing his job and looking for ways to boost our economy and keep Georgians employed, Kemp is considering cutting what former governor Nathan Deal considered a “prized legislative accomplishment” that has been a “policy mainstay over the course of two previous Republican administrations,” has brought over 300 businesses to the state since 2010, and in 2018, had an economic impact of $9.5 billion and generated 92,000 jobs.

 “The film tax credit is incredibly important to nearly 100,000 Georgia workers and hundreds of businesses across our state who rely on the film industry — people whose livelihoods Brian Kemp is now threatening,” said Maggie Chambers, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Brian Kemp’s administration had one job here: to make sure it was still a good deal for Georgians. Instead, he’s turning a critical program into a political football to cover up his own incompetence. Is it too much to ask for this vital program to be well managed? With Brian Kemp in charge, the answer sadly seems to be yes. ”

This isn’t the first time Kemp has put thousands of jobs at risk in the name of his extreme agenda. Last year, Kemp signed one of the strictest abortion bans in the country, causing some of Georgia’s top employers to threaten to leave the state and take jobs elsewhere. And while running for governor, Kemp promised to sign a religious freedom bill that 500 Georgia companies opposed and was too extreme for Governor Nathan Deal. 


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