After Eight Months of Opposing Direct Pandemic Relief, Perdue Touts Inadequate COVID Stimulus Checks

December 22, 2020

Perdue “fought against” $1200 stimulus checks and has been in lockstep with McConnell to obstruct aid

ATLANTA — Today, after eight months of Senate Republicans’ obstructionism, former corporate CEO Senator David Perdue is touting, in a new ad, the passage of a long-delayed coronavirus relief bill that cuts direct stimulus checks for struggling Americans in half despite Republicans playing politics for the past eight months and preventing any semblance of relief for hardworking families.

New York Times reporting revealed that Senate Republicans only got on board with relief because Perdue was “getting hammered” for Republicans’ failure to deliver more pandemic aid to Americans amid Ossoff’s tough scrutiny on Perdue “personally oppos[ing]” direct relief all year, and that the bill could give Perdue a “boost” amid his struggling reelection campaign. 

Perdue said he “held [his] nose” to vote for economic relief and led the charge to cut unemployment benefits for families, all while he was working to profit off the pandemic with a series of shady stock trades

“Senator Perdue is so out of touch that he thinks $600 is enough for Georgia families to pay the rent and put food on the table,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians aren’t fooled by Perdue’s eight months of obstructing pandemic aid just to finally cut stimulus checks in half as a last ditch effort to revive his losing campaign.”


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