After 9 Months of Partisan Gamesmanship, Georgia Republicans’ Only Priority is Obstruction

October 12, 2021

As President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Georgia Democrats continue to fight to defeat the pandemic, revitalize our economy, and make historic investments in Georgia’s infrastructure, Georgia Republicans have spent the past nine months delivering nothing but partisan charades and attempts to obstruct the economic plan that is getting Georgia families and small businesses back on their feet. Georgia House Republicans’ uniform efforts to block the Build Back Better agenda is not only unpopular — it’s dangerous.

First, Republicans obstructed critical relief funding for Georgia.

Thanks to the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, millions of Georgians are vaccinated, local restaurants were able to stay afloat, and the families of millions of Georgia children will receive the fourth installment of tax cuts from the child tax credit this week. However, if any of Georgia’s House Republicans, any of the Republicans running for Georgia’s Senate seat, or Brian Kemp had their way, Georgians would not have received this critical pandemic relief. Fortunately, the President’s economic plan is working — which is why Brian Kemp has flip-flopped in an attempt to take credit for the same funding he opposed.

Then last week, the Georgia GOP unanimously voted to shut down our government and tank our economy.

The Georgia GOP proved that they’re willing to put millions of Georgians’ livelihoods on the line to try to score political points as they unanimously opposed funding to keep our government open last week. Republicans’ partisan political games could have cost America’s economy six million jobs, caused a nearly four percent decline in economic activity, and sent the unemployment rate surging to roughly nine percent from around five percent.

Now, Georgia Republicans are threatening to oppose historic investments in infrastructure.

Republicans are threatening to withdraw their support of President Biden’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which will make the largest investment in our country’s roads, bridges, and transportations in modern history. Georgia’s entire GOP Senate field has also come out against the historic infrastructure package that an overwhelming majority of Georgians support.

“For the past nine months, Georgia Republicans have done nothing but obstruct Democrats’ efforts to revitalize our economy – from opposing the American Rescue Plan and playing politics with the debt ceiling to withholding support for investments in job creation and infrastructure,” Rhyan Lake, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia, said. “Republicans are on the wrong side of the people of Georgia, who support the Build Back Better agenda that will lower costs for families and boost the middle class. It’s time for the Georgia GOP to put aside the partisanship and heed the call of Georgians to support the President’s agenda.”


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