The 501(c)4 will work with key partners ad trusted messengers to elevate key line o attack against Republicans in targeted districts. Using the brands of our partners and known influencers, we will better connect with local audiences, reporters and institutions. These partners have established brands and bring an edge of credibility to our advocacy work. This will help us establish our own brand as an in-state player that is well-connected and influential, not a group that is out-of-state and out-of-touch.

All of the advocacy efforts will be rooted in research and will be fair and accurate. This is important to build credibility and maintain a higher level of ethical grounds. There would need to be real time monitoring of the legislature, committee hearing,votes and partners’ efforts in the statehouse to ensure coordination and accountability efforts are timely and accurate.

The majority of this work will be done tactically through organic and paid digital and earned media. We will use innovative tools to target lawmakers and their staff both in their home districts and around the statehouse and apply maximum pressure on legislators. Digital tactics allow us to collect emails and other information from those who engage to build our lists for further communications. This will lay a strong foundation that we can continue to build on in future cycles.

Another Heading

Advocacy work will be on-going outside of the 45 days prior to the primary election and the 45 days prior to the general election.

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