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June 15, 2015

Jeb Bush just announced the official launch of his bid for the White House. Today, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following statement outlining exactly why Jeb is wrong for Georgia.


“With the Obama Administration, we’ve made great strides as a nation. And we’ve come too far to undo that progress by even considering sending another Bush to the White House. Jeb Bush has a lengthy record of looking out for himself while leaving everyday Americans behind in the dust.


“To this day, Jeb Bush endorses policies that slash funding for early childhood education, temporary assistance for those in need, and Social Security and Medicaid.  To make matters worse, Jeb opposes policies that lift families up by raising the minimum wage, making college more affordable, and expanding access to quality affordable health care.


“Whoever emerges as our presidential nominee, Democrats are determined to build on the gains we’ve made and promote policies that grow our middle class.”



Also today, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz issued the following statement:


“Jeb Bush’s announcement later today that he’ll seek the Republican 2016 nomination is good news if you happen to be Jeb Bush or someone like him. Throughout his career, Jeb Bush has consistently put what is best for himself and those at the top above the priorities of working Americans.


“As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush slashed taxes by billions, largely benefitting the wealthy and corporations. Since leaving public office more than eight years ago, Bush has leveraged his family name to reap profits for himself, immersing himself in problematic corporate business deals and cashing in on Wall Street while Americans were hit by the financial crisis.


“We already know what to expect from a Bush Presidency, because we’ve seen it before. Jeb Bush supported his brother’s disastrous economic and foreign policies that made us weaker at home and abroad. He supported his brother’s plan to privatize Social Security and endorsed a budget that would end Medicare as we know it.


“But what makes the specter of a Jeb Bush presidency even more unpalatable is his belief in his own superiority and infallibility – in my 22 years in elected office I have never worked with someone who is as inflexible, uncompromising, and willing to do whatever it takes to get their way as Jeb Bush. These are not the qualities Americans need in their president if we are going to work together to get things done.


“On issue after issue, Jeb Bush’s indifference toward the concerns of the middle class, women, students, immigrants, seniors and the LGBT community shows he is as out of step with the American people as every other candidate in the Republican field.”







Seven Things You Need to Know About Jeb Bush

  1. As governor of Florida, Bush enacted a tax policy that gave massive breaks to the wealthyand corporations over middle class Floridians.
  2. Bush spent recent years cashing in on Wall Street and creating multi-million dollar funds in offshore tax havensas Americans were hit by the financial crisis.
  3. Bush fully supported his brother’s plan to privatize Social Securityand endorses a budget that would end Medicare as we know it.
  4. Bush wants to end the president’s executive action that keeps families together, and when asked about how to tackle undocumented immigrants, he simply said, “start deporting people.”
  1. Bush opposes a woman’s right to choose and cut funding for women’s health clinics, including Planned Parenthood.
  1. Jeb Bush believesthere is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage and said that “homosexuality is wrong” and compared LGBT Americans to drug dealers, bank robbers, pedophiles, and drunk drivers.
  2. Also, he’s an author.



Jeb Bush Once Cut Funding to His Campaign Launch Site


Jeb Bush is expected to trumpet his conservative credentials as the former governor of Florida Monday when he announces his presidential bid. But one casualty of his cost-conscious ways was the very school he selected to use as his announcement site.


A 2002 state constitutional amendment to limit class sizes in K-12 education, which Bush opposed, created a budget shortfall. The governor, who opposed new tax hikes, begrudgingly turned to colleges to fill the gap. Bush proposed cutting $111 million from the budgets of universities and community colleges, of which $10.3 million would have affected Miami Dade College, where Bush will launch his presidential bid.


College President Eduardo Padron emailed Bush when his budget was proposed, saying he was “disturbed and disappointed” by the proposed cuts. “We all understand the need for reductions in times of fiscal crisis; what’s beyond logical comprehension, however, are the huge inequities that are inherent in this budget proposal,” he wrote, arguing the college was bearing a disproportionate burden of cuts. “Our students are among the most needy in the state and cannot continue to bear the burden of the costs of education.”


Bush replied that he was working on a solution. “I know you are upset,” he said by email. “We are doing our best under difficult circumstances and will work with the legislature to identify ways that we can improve the situation.”


Bush ultimately signed a budget that cut $11 million from community colleges’ budgets, forcing them to turn away about 35,000 students looking to enroll, including 9,500 would-be Miami Dade College students.


By 2004, Bush was able to fully fund community colleges, earning plaudits from state educators.



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