A message from Chairman Mike Berlon

April 1, 2011

Dear Fellow Democrat,

Nearly two months ago, you entrusted me with the leadership of the Democratic Party of Georgia. And what a busy two months it has been!  With the help of a dedicated team of volunteers and staff, we have been busy at 1100 Spring Street evaluating the “State of the Party”, communicating with our state house and state senate caucuses, working with DNC officials about 2012 planning, developing outreach and communications plans for the entire state and even managed to get our candidate into a run-off for a county commission seat in Columbia County (which has of late been a very red county.)

I hope you are as excited as we are about the opening of the DPG’s first satellite office in Augusta this past Saturday. With your help we can open additional field offices throughout the state. They will serve as hubs for volunteers, communications, voter registration, and many other activities that will help us win elections in every corner of Georgia. Effective outreach across the state is imperative for the future of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

We are working to include and engage Democrats on all levels and in all areas of Georgia.  In an effort to improve communications, messaging, and organization we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly re-designed website, www.georgiademocrat.org.  We hope that you will visit the site regularly to find ways  you can engage with the Democratic Party of Georgia.

A new feature you will find on the website is the launch of the Yellow Dog Club.  Please follow the Yellow Dog Club link to learn more about this new recurring donor program and sign up to make a monthly financial contribution to the Democratic Party of Georgia.  We offer several levels of membership that suit every budget. We hope that the benefits we offer will entice you to become a member of the Yellow Dog Club and help us build a stronger Democratic Party of Georgia!

Your financial support of our party will allow us to open additional satellite offices, hire top notch staff both in Atlanta and around the state, maintain and acquire the technology necessary for a growing organization, and fund our field and outreach efforts that are essential for the growth of the Democratic Party and victory in elections at all levels in the coming months and years.

You can learn more about the Yellow Dog Club here. Please sign up today to help the party rebuild and prepare throughout 2011, with an eye on not just 2012, but all future elections.




Mike Berlon
Democratic Party of Georgia

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