A Fresh Start

November 7, 2013

It’s good to be a Georgia Democrat.

Today, State Senator Jason Carter announced his bid for governor, offering a stark contrast to the unprincipled term of current administration. We also got the great news that former State Senator Connie Stokes will support Sen. Carter and run for Lt. Governor.

Georgia has an opportunity for a fresh start, and now has fresh ideas for the future at the top of the ticket.

Georgia deserves better than the Republican Party and their culture of corruption.  Under the watch of the current administration, Georgia has underperformed in job creation and outperformed in unethical behavior.

Sadly, our state has continuously fallen behind in the things that matter most:  quality education for all of our children, affordable health care, clean air and water, a modern and reliable transportation infrastructure, and job training that gives future generations the economic security they deserve.

We look forward to the race ahead and the opportunity for Democrats to define a principled path forward for our state.

With Jason Carter and Connie Stokes, Georgia Democrats have the right ticket to promote the mainstream values of education, economic growth, and responsible government.


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