A Day of Thanks

November 27, 2013

Around our state, Georgians are gathering with loved ones in the spirit of fellowship and thanksgiving, fortifying their faith in family and community.


Yes, we are thankful. But as Georgia Democrats we also know that things could and should be better. Affordable health care, teachers forced to take furlough days or teaching in overcrowded classrooms, clean air and water, restoring HOPE to give all people a chance to be trained for something better and a mass transit system for solving gridlock are all issues where we offer better solutions.


We pause to give thanks in 2013, but let’s also lay the groundwork for what needs to be done for 2014.


As we join together this Thanksgiving Day, let us not forget the brave women and men in uniform who will spend this holiday thousands of miles away from their loved ones. Let us also remember those who are poor, unemployed, under-employed, or homeless who could use a helping hand.


May you and your family have a healthy, safe and happy Thanksgiving.


DuBose Porter

Chair, Democratic Party of Georgia

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