48 Hours After New Report, Walker Still Refuses to Answer Georgians’ Questions

October 28, 2022

News coverage continues to highlight Herschel Walker’s continued refusal to answer basic questions 48 hours after the latest revelation emerged about his record – with one former GOP strategist saying that “the campaign isn’t answering the question about Herschel Walker’s abortions with anything beyond his own words — because they don’t trust their own candidate.”

Throughout his campaign, Walker has faced scrutiny for a long string of false claims and questions around his record that continue to hurt his candidacy – including about his violent behavior, his business record, his academic record, his record “working for law enforcement” and more.

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Ron Jones, 11Alive Atlanta: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker is mostly sidestepping questions about allegations he paid for an abortion with another woman years ago. So this is on the heels of a separate allegation from a former girlfriend who produced evidence of another abortion paid for by the anti-abortion Republican. 

Doug Richards, 11Alive: For Herschel Walker here in Forsyth County, it was as if there was no scandalous allegation of a second abortion allegedly financed by the Senate candidate. Walker called the new allegation a lie during a Fox News interview Wednesday. Walker’s campaign declined to make the candidate available for questions as they look ahead to the vote count 12 days from now. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: As Walker faces new abortion claim, a familiar pattern emerges among his allies

  • There was almost a sense of routine among Herschel Walker and his supporters during his first major rally since another round of damaging allegations was leveled against him.
  • Walker…didn’t directly address them or take questions during his campaign appearance.
  • Warnock’s campaign released a statement that invoked Walker’s pattern of violent behavior, falsehoods on the campaign trail, and exaggerations about his business experience and academic record.
  • “We know Herschel Walker has a problem with the truth, a problem answering questions and a problem taking responsibility for his actions,” said Warnock deputy Rachel Petri, who said it’s an example of a “troubling pattern” that repeats itself.
  • “Herschel Walker shouldn’t be representing Georgians in the U.S. Senate,” she said.

Fox5 Atlanta: Herschel Walker declines to address abortion allegation from 2nd accuser at Georgia campaign stop

  • Herschel Walker did not address new accusations that he pressured a second woman into getting an abortion Thursday as his campaign for Georgia’s U.S. Senate continued in Cumming. 
  • On Wednesday, Walker accused the anonymous woman of lying when she said Walker drove her to an abortion clinic in 1993 and waited outside while she had the procedure.
  • The second accuser, identified only as “Jane Doe,” spoke to reporters via an audio Zoom call arranged by her lawyer, Gloria Allred. The woman alleged that Walker encouraged her to get an abortion and paid for one after she became pregnant during their six-year relationship.
  • “The reason I am here today is because he has publicly taken the position that he is ‘about life’ and against abortion under any circumstances when, in fact, he pressured me to have an abortion and personally ensured that it occurred by driving me to the clinic and paying for it,” the woman said. She said she was not revealing her identity because she fears “reprisals against myself, my family and my livelihood.”

Washington Examiner: Scandals force Herschel Walker to play defense in campaign’s final weeks

  • Walker has had to address allegations from two women claiming he pressured and paid for them to end their pregnancies despite running on a strict anti-abortion platform.
  • The newest allegations come on the heels of a Daily Beast report earlier this month in which another woman came forward with claims Walker paid for her to get an abortion.
  • Walker was pressed by Fox News host Bret Baier Wednesday night to address the latest allegations despite Walker desperately trying to pivot.
  • Baier told Walker he had spoken to a number of voters who were affected by the abortion claims and said that “they just weren’t sure and they didn’t know if another shoe was going to drop.”

Mediate: Former GOP Strategist Calls Out Herschel Walker Campaign Ducking Questions About Abortion Accusations: ‘They Don’t Trust Their Own Candidate!’

  • Former Jeb! Bush adviser Tim Miller called out the Herschel Walker campaign for ducking questions about accusations that the candidate had paid for an ex-girlfriend to get an abortion — oops, wait, that’s multiple ex-girlfriends making that accusation — saying that they were showing they didn’t trust their own candidate.
  • “One thing that stands out to me,” Miller continued, “is that the campaign isn’t answering the question about Herschel Walker’s abortions with anything beyond his own words — because they don’t trust their own candidate!”
  • He noted his own past experience as a campaign flak and commented that Walker had lied to his own campaign staff about those secret children, so now “they don’t know what is true, they don’t know what else might come out.”
  • “So that’s why they are not being clear in debunking or denying the allegations, because they don’t know what tomorrow might bring on that front,” Miller concluded. “I just think that’s really telling about where the Republican Party is, in having to cover for this guy.”


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