3 Things Georgia Republicans Need to Answer for on GOP’s Agenda of Hiked Taxes, Raised Premiums

March 21, 2022

Twelve years ago this week, Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, a landmark law that has substantially expanded access to and lowered the cost of health care for millions of Georgians and Americans across the country. Over a decade later, Democrats remain committed to reducing health care costs, like the price of prescription drugs, while the GOP stands in the way – despite unanimous opposition from Georgia Republicans, Georgia Democrats helped pass President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which reduced health care costs for over 700,000 Georgians and increased coverage in Georgia by 36%. 

Meanwhile, Georgia Republicans have remained in lockstep with their national party’s disastrous agenda of raised premiums and hiked taxes. Republican Senator Ron Johnson confirmed that Republicans still want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Republican Senate Campaign Chair Rick Scott released the GOP’s economic plan, which would raise taxes on 42.5% of Georgians. 

As Georgia Congressional Republicans to return to their districts this week and GOP candidates hold campaign events across the state, here are three questions Georgia voters deserve answers to:

  1. Will you stand with other Republicans’ promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act if the GOP takes control of Congress?
  2. Why don’t Republicans have any plans to lower health care costs for Georgia families?
  3. Will you denounce National Republican Senate Campaign Chair Rick Scott’s economic agenda that would raise taxes on over 40% of Georgians, or will you support the Republican Party’s agenda of tax hikes and raised premiums?


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