2018 Democratic SOS Nominee John Barrow, Georgia Democrats, and Business Owners Agree: Cagle, Kemp Wrong for Georgia Businesses and Families

June 20, 2018

ATLANTA — Today, Georgia Democratic Secretary of State nominee John Barrow, other prominent Georgia Democrats, and business owners agreed that neither Casey Cagle nor Brian Kemp are suitable candidates for Governor in the state of Georgia. Barrow stated that Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp are guilty of “willful neglect” when it comes to aiding Georgia businesses and declared them both thoroughly incompetent for office.

Flanked by State Senator Valencia Seay and State Representative Kimberly Alexander, Barrow and the speakers recounted several disastrous moves by Brian Kemp, whose office leaked the Social Security numbers of 6.5 million voters. Similarly, Casey Cagle has spent 24 years at the state capitol with virtually nothing to show for it- except for punishing the state’s biggest employer over a petty, political stunt. While describing the harmful policies of Cagle and Kemp, the speakers frequently invoked the words of former Republican Gubernatorial candidates Hunter Hill, Michael Williams, and Clay Tippins.

“I have had an opportunity to visit with and get to know the needs and concerns of the business community in this state,” said Barrow. “And I can tell you they are shocked and appalled at the prospect of people wanting to take the business climate that we have in Georgia- the product of generations of bipartisan leadership- to impose a narrow, partisan, ideological and often times religious viewpoint on their fellow citizens and the businesses that are doing business here in the state of Georgia.”

“Mr. Kemp and Mr. Cagle both have to live with the legacy cost of years of neglect on our educational infrastructure, and the current, willful neglect of the opportunity to take advantage of investments in healthcare that Georgia taxpayers are paying for- but not getting,” continued Barrow.

John Barrow’s statement echoes the statements made by other Democrats, as well as fellow Republican colleagues of Cagle and Kemp. In rare bipartisan consensus, both sides agree that the two remaining GOP candidates for the state’s highest office have been incompetent and/or negligent in their roles. They both represent a clear danger for Georgia families and businesses.

Further descriptions of Cagle and Kemp’s incompetence for office, in their fellow Republicans’ own words, may be found at WrongForGeorgia.com.

John Barrow’s full comments may be found here on YouTube.

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