2012 Democratic County Party Elections

October 8, 2012

As you know, at the end of this year we will have elections across the State with all of our County parties for new Chairs and Officers.  These elections must be completed by December 31, 2012.

In order to insure the integrity of the elections process and to help us keep our records up to date, we are asking that you please:

(1) Let us know when and where your County will be conducting its elections,

(2) Provide us with names of all current Officers for your County, and,

(3) Identify all of the members of your Committee who are eligible to vote in the election.

For some of you this may be the first time you’ve gone through this process.  In an effort to help, we have attached a copy of the State By-Laws concerning the election process as well as a checklist for you to complete and return to us for our records.

Please have someone from your Party complete the checklist and return it to us at the DPG no later than by 5:00 PM on Friday, November 2, so that we can get all of our paperwork up-to-date. This is usually done by the Secretary or Chair.

The form can be returned by facsimile to 1-877-744-9438 or via scan and email to [email protected].

It can also be mailed to us at 763 Trabert Avenue, NW, Suite A, Atlanta, Georgia 30318. If there are any questions, please direct them to [email protected].

I appreciate all that you do for your county and districts.  It is the work you all do that will help get our President re-elected and our local and state Democrats elected as well.

If you have any questions, please let me know.   You can always email me directly at [email protected]

Thanks for all you do!

Mike Berlon

The forms can be found here.

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