20 Days into Runoff, Local Press Slams David Perdue for Still Refusing to Answer Their Questions

November 24, 2020

Perdue “skipped back onto his campaign bus” while dodging questions 

ATLANTA — Yesterday, Senator David Perdue took heat for still refusing to take questions from Georgia’s local media three weeks after being forced into a January runoff. 11Alive’s Doug Richards said he “would have asked Senator Perdue exactly how the Secretary of State mismanaged the Georgia election,” a claim Perdue has made without evidence, but wasn’t able to since Perdue “skipped back onto his campaign bus without answering questions afterward.” 


The “stealth” senator, who hasn’t held a single public town hall in his entire six-year Senate term, has been dodging local media since Election Day – instead preferring to stick to friendly Fox News interviews – and refused to debate his opponent Jon Ossoff leading up to January’s runoff, instead choosing to be “represented by an empty podium.”

Perdue’s continued avoidance of local media comes as devastating reports expose more self-dealing during his time in the Senate. ProPublica reported that Perdue privately pushed for wealthy sports owners to receive a lucrative tax break while taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the owners of professional sports clubs and their families. And The Daily Beast exposed Perdue for yet another stock trading scandal in which he bought stock in a company that made submarine parts, helped shape legislation that directed Navy funding for one of the company’s products, and sold off the stock, earning him “tens of thousands of dollars in profits.”

“Senator Perdue needs to stop hiding and answer for his numerous self-dealing scandals, his downplaying of this virus, and his crusade to strip health care away from Georgians during a pandemic,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “If David Perdue is afraid of the voters, he doesn’t deserve to represent them.”


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