100 Days Out: Georgia Democrats Are Ready To Win

July 26, 2020

To: Interested Parties 
From: Scott Hogan, DPG Executive Director 
Subject: 100 Days Out

Today marks 100 days out from Election Day — and with momentum and years of investment on our side, Georgia Democrats are ready to win. The Democratic Party of Georgia has been putting in the work on the ground to elect Joe Biden, Jon Ossoff, and Democrats across Georgia on November 3rd. Here’s what you need to know: 

We’ve seen record-breaking turnout for Democrats in 2020 so far. In Georgia’s June 9th primary, Democrats shattered all previous records for primary election turnout, with more than 1,283,000 voters turning out for Democrats. Democrats bested Republicans for turnout at every level in this primary: casting more ballots by mail, more ballots early in person, and more ballots on Election Day. This record-breaking turnout comes after significant wins and engagement throughout 2019, including multiple mayoral races which the DPG invested in and won.  

Georgia Democrats have built a strong organizing operation to win seats up and down the ballot. We’ve invested in making organizing a priority all year round, to invest in communities long before Election Day. From early investments in the DNC’s summer 2019 Organizing Corps program to our 70+ organizers now on the ground, we have been engaging with voters early and building the relationships that will take Democrats to victory. Our team continues to break records, making over 1.6 million voter contacts in the weeks leading up to GOTV and Election Day. 

Our voter protection operation is stronger than ever. Georgia Democrats have built one of the strongest voter protection programs in the nation, with 5 full time staff members. Our team and hundreds of dedicated volunteers are helping voters at every level in advance of Election Day, including monitoring absentee ballots, poll observing, and ballot remediation, in addition to our continuing voter education and support work. Our voter protection hotline received over 6,000 calls on primary day alone, and our team is prepared for much more in November. 

We have the chance to win big this year. Besides Georgia’s 16 electoral college votes and delivering Georgia for Vice-President Biden, winning Georgia means delivering 2 U.S. Senate seats, winning Georgia’s two highly competitive seats in the 6th and 7th congressional districts, and flipping the State House. If the electorate from the June 9th primary stays the same in November, Georgia Democrats will win big up and down the ballot — including winning both Senate seats, the White House, the 6th and 7th Congressional Districts, and 16+ of our targeted seats needed to flip the Georgia State House and fight for fair redistricting for the next 10 years.

Momentum is on our side. Polls have consistently shown that Georgia is more of a swing state than ever this year, with recent polling showing Joe Biden with a narrow lead in the state. Just this week, new analysis by the Cook Political Report officially moved the Ossoff-Perdue race to a “Toss Up” based on the strong primary turnout for Democrats. 

Georgia Democrats aren’t taking anything for granted this cycle. Our team will keep hustling to talk with every voter, protect every vote, and fight back against Republicans’ toxic agenda that is hurting working families across Georgia. We know we can win this November, and secure strong Democratic leadership that will fight for our values. 

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