10 Years After Citizens United, Perdue Blocking Reform & Running Afoul of Campaign Finance Law

January 21, 2020

Senator Perdue helping block efforts to fix corrupt campaign finance system in Washington, instead skirting campaign finance law and facing FEC fines

ATLANTA — On the 10th anniversary of the reckless Citizens United v. FEC ruling, Senator David Perdue has been enabling Mitch McConnell’s efforts to block landmark campaign finance reform efforts passed by the House last year even while being caught skirting campaign finance law with his special interest donors resulting in thousands of dollars in fines.

Since he was first elected in 2014, Perdue has not taken steps to try to overturn Citizens United or combat the explosion of secret and unlimited outside spending in our elections as critical campaign finance reform legislation continues to stall in the Senate.

But beyond his efforts to block action to fix our broken campaign finance system, Perdue has also been caught making basic violations of campaign finance law. In fact, Perdue was already forced to pay a $30,000 fine in 2019 after an FEC audit found that his Senate campaign received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions that either exceeded campaign contribution limits or came from prohibited entities

“While the Citizens United ruling may have been a boon for special interest-backed politicians like Senator David Perdue, Georgia voters want leaders who will work to fix our broken campaign finance system and stop big donors from buying themselves power in Washington,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Senator Perdue’s unwillingness to support common sense reforms and his own inability to follow campaign finance law shows just how out of touch he is with Georgia voters tired of Washington corruption and bought-and-paid-for politicians.”


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