10 Ways Brian Kemp Failed Georgians In His First 100 Days As Governor*

April 24, 2019

ATLANTA – As Brian Kemp reaches his 100th day in office, here are 10 ways he’s already failed Georgians:

  1. He forced through extreme abortion ban legislation, against the interest of Georgia women, Georgia business, and Georgia doctors.
  2. He broke his promises to Georgia teachers by failing to get them the $5,000 raise he promised during his campaign.
  3. Instead of keeping his promises to educators, he decided to pay his top aides 4 times as much as Georgia teachers make.
  4. He’s under investigation by Congress for his voter suppression in 2018 – and still hasn’t turned in the paperwork.
  5. When an investigation revealed that over 120,000 Black voters had their votes disappear in the lieutenant governor’s race, his office did nothing.
  6. After bragging about his trip to DC to advocate to the President on behalf of Hurricane Michael victims, he still failed to secure any relief for Georgia farmers.
  7. He said that Puerto Ricans weren’t American citizens – when nearly 100,000 Puerto Ricans live in Georgia.
  8. He showed us what corruption looks like when he hired voting machine lobbyists in his office – to run the contracting process for voting machines.
  9. Despite cybersecurity experts and Georgia voters testifying against the bill, Kemp continued his legacy of voter suppression when he pushed through House Bill 316, which leaves our election system insecure and vulnerable.
  10. Most importantly for the hundreds of thousands of Georgians without health coverage, Kemp delayed and denied health care, instead of fully expanding Medicaid to Georgians in need.


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