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GA insurance commissioner: Having a preexisting condition is your fault

December 4, 2013

Press Release

Release: Democratic Party of GA on Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby

November 26, 2013

Press Release

Release: Poll shows Carter path to victory

November 13, 2013

Press Release

A Fresh Start

November 7, 2013

Press Release

GA Dems Say Elected Officials Must be Held Accountable

October 17, 2013

Press Release

Chairman DuBose Porter on Shutdown and Looming Default

October 16, 2013

Press Release

Georgia Democratic Leaders Remember Evelyn Lowery

October 2, 2013

Press Release

New Report Shows Lower Than Expected Obamacare Premiums For Georgia

September 25, 2013

Press Release

Chairman Porter to Deal: Time to Tell the Truth

September 20, 2013

Press Release

Senate Dems Warned of State Ethics Oversight

September 19, 2013

Press Release

Statement by DPG Chair DuBose Porter on the 19th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act

September 13, 2013

Press Release

Georgia Democrats Commemorate 78th Anniversary of Social Security

August 14, 2013

Press Release

House Democrats Mourn the Loss of State Rep. Quincy Murphy

August 2, 2013

Press Release

DPG Interim Chair Nikema Williams on President Obama’s Economic Vision

July 24, 2013

Press Release

GA Dems Hail Court Decisions on Marriage Equality

June 26, 2013

Press Release

Georgia Democrats’ on Marriage Equality

May 9, 2012

Press Release

Georgia Democrats Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Freedom Rides

November 8, 2011

Press Release

GOP/Tea Party Budget Would Cost 9.5 Million Jobs; More than 225,000 in Georgia

September 7, 2011

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