Dear Democratic Friends,

Each year, millions of dollars leave Georgia in support of National Democratic organizations or candidates. These organizations or individuals may be worthy of your support, but few return even a fraction of your investment to our communities.

Your help is needed in Georgia. Now.

Red states like ours have long been considered a major source of Democratic funding, but rarely considered a viable place to expend these same resources. You can help Georgia Democrats win the future by investing your political contributions where they matter most, right here in Georgia.

Buoyed by millions of dollars of outside funding, Republicans now control the Governorship, Constitutional Offices and a majority of
the State Legislature. What they don’t want you to know is that their electoral success is more a matter of financial than ideological

You can help Georgia Democrats win the future by making a contribution today.

If only a fraction of the dollars leaving Georgia every year were invested in local Democratic organizations or campaigns, our political reality might be very different. You can help change the political landscape in Georgia. Please consider a monthly contribution.

When you invest in Georgia Democrats, you invest in our Democratic future. We recruit candidates and engage in campaigns here. We train campaign staff and build our volunteer base here. We reach voters and make the most of your dollars by working to elect Democrats right here in our own towns, cities, and counties. Your support is essential to our future.

Help Georgia Democrats win the future by making a contribution of any amount today!

Democratically yours,

DuBose Porter
Chair, Democratic Party of Georgia


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